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Come buy my stuff, Dec 13th

One day only: December 13, 2017. Specifically: Graphics. And very cheap! Read on...

2017.12.12 20:42 in Exhibitions


Exhibitions (Painting):

Click for bigger size.
Three framed paintings hanging. 2017.

2017.08.04 13:21 in Exhibitions

H with c

Exhibitions (Graphics): Delayed post, sorry. The vernissage was a month ago:

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"Handle With Care" exhibition flyer. June 2017.

2017.08.04 12:43 in Exhibitions

Borrow my work!

Exhibitions, Painting: For the next year or so, you can even borrow my work from the local art library, Artoteket:

Click for bigger size.
Four framed paintings ready for shipping.

Read on for information...

2016.04.30 17:26 in Exhibitions

Graphics Exhibition, Copenhagen

Exhibitions, Graphics: From today until March 2016 I'm participating in a group show in Amager, Copenhagen.

Click for bigger size.
Exhibition flyer. February2016.

2016.02.09 16:49 in Exhibitions

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