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Graphics: Wood Cut: A board was damaged, so I had to rework it. This is state four.

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"Feathered". Woodcut (state 4). 2023. Size: 15x20 cm

Read on for photo in landscape orientation.

2023.05.16 16:45 in Graphics

Black Cat and block

Graphics: Woodcut: Reprint of block/board from 2013-14.

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
"Black Cat" (and block, right). Woodcut. 2023. Size: 16x20 cm

2023.05.16 16:27 in Graphics

Look Properly

Graphics: Woodcut: Reprint.

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"Look Properly". Woodcut. (year?). Size: ~DIN A5

A paraphrase (of a quote from) the 1943 novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "The Little Prince", ie.: "The essential is invisible to the eyes. Only with your heart you can look properly".

I am not sure which year this one was originally made.

2023.05.16 16:10 in Graphics

The Commute

Graphics: Intaglio, Dry Point:

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"The Commute (DSB)". Dry Point. 2023. Size: ~DIN A5

I've been commuting by Public Transport (trains) for a few years. It regularly is that awful, as if the train management was making a conscious effort to make people use cars in stead.

My trip is scheduled to take around one hour. I have tried on four occasions that it took four hours and on two occasions, six hours. Six hours after a long working day, after at least an hour of transport first, that is. This transport company ("DSB") writes their own timetables, and they can't even comply with those.

2023.03.07 15:41 in Graphics

Black Base Reduction (2)

Graphics: Collagraphy (Black Base Reduction Technique):

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
"Black Base Collagraphy 3 + 4". Collagraphy (unique).
2023. Size: ~DIN A5

See previous post for an introduction to Black Base Reduction Collagraphy

2023.02.28 15:24 in Graphics

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