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About this page

Thank you for showing interest in my work, and thanks for visiting.

This web site is the internet-presentation of creative works by Claus Schmidt ("clsc"). It shows a selection of creative formats; mostly painting, graphics, and various mixed media types.

On these pages

You will find finished work as well as work-in-progress on these pages. Sometimes even early pre-work sketches. I like to give readers a glimpse into the process, in stead of only presenting finished works.

As my photos are published elsewhere I am mostly publishing my non-photo work here.

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The Gallery

At you will find the site gallery. Please note that the gallery is work-in-progress. Also, atm. it is not being updated as frequently as the article pages.

Copyright and license

Everything here is copyright-protected. Please ask for permissions and licenses (use comments field or contact page). Thanks.

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