... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)

About this page

Thank you for showing interest in my work, and thanks for visiting.

This web site is the internet-presentation of creative works by Claus Schmidt (signature: "clsc"). It shows a selection of creative formats; mostly painting and graphics.

Here, you will meet an untraditional traditional artist. Styles, techniques, and degree of finish differ. I know quite a few different "means of expression" and I study to learn even more, preferring to learn from tradition and past masters over catering to some contemporary flight of fancy. Also, what you see on these pages is hand made by me to the fullest extent possible.

What is known as "contemporary art" has little place here and less sympathy. I will not claim that my personal pet problems are more important or more interesting than the challenges faced by past masters. There are very few half baked ideas and very little hyperbole here. I would like to say "none", but I am only human and sometimes I feel a need to comment on current issues.

Some of my works are easily "understood", others will require research and knowledge if you want to get an understanding. I am not going to explain every single detail. Still, I will sometimes add relevant discussion to the images presented here as I like my audience to get a little behind-the-scenes knowledge. And -- not least -- to comment even if if seems like my audience here is a little shy. This is the reason for presenting the works in a "blog" format in stead of a "gallery" format.

On these pages

You will find finished work as well as work-in-progress on these pages. Sometimes even early pre-work sketches. I like to give readers a glimpse into the process in stead of only presenting finished works.

When I started publishing here my photo work was published elsewhere on the Internet, so I did not want to publish it here as well. For this reason these pages feature very little photography. However, the site gallery holds some early photos that are not found elsewhere.

The vast majority of my early work - especially pre-1990 - is neither in the gallery nor in the article pages: only off-line, and partially missing.

The Gallery

At you will find the site gallery. Please note that the gallery is work-in-progress and not being updated as frequently as the article pages.

The Feed

For your convenience you may want to use the RSS News Feed. It is a "full feed".

Copyright, usage, and license

Please ask for usage information and/or permission relative to your specific project (use comments field or contact page). Thank you.

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