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Waterfall and sand

Graphics (wip): Test of new printing technique:

Updated 2014-11-04: Photo added.

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Untitled. Work In Progress. 2014. 14x18 cm.
Left: Dry Point (state one) and sanding paper print (grain 80+40).
Right: Dry Point only. Later version (state two).

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2014.11.02 21:21

Rows and columns


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Untitled. Acrylics on specially treated paper, on acrylics on paper. 2014. 80x78 cm.

Click photo for a larger version (the real colours are a little lighter than the photo shows).

2014.10.24 16:20

Rectangles in red

Painting (vowen): Fresh from the paper works:

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Untitled. Acrylics on intervowen specially treated paper. 2014. 100x71 cm.

2014.10.24 15:50

Coffee time

Drawing: Thermos:

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Untitled free hand drawing.
Indian ink on acrylics on coal on specially treated paper. 2014. 15x20 cm.

2014.10.24 14:41

Copy of copy of unknown

Drawing: A (hand drawn) copy of a(n industrially mass produced) copy of an unknown persons drawing. Possibly originally done by a child:

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"This is not a childs drawing" (paraphrase).
Indian ink and acrylics on specially treated paper. 2014. 30x40 cm.

(Size is from memory, maybe it's just A4-ish. Click image for larger photo, or read on...)

2014.10.24 14:19

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