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Above and beyond


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"Untitled". 2014. Acrylics, tempera, and indian ink on specially treated cardboard paper, and acrylics on specially treated paper - on paper. 80x100cm.

2014.09.12 21:30


Graphics: Monograms:

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2 Monogram types, and variations. Cardboard print and string print, 2014. 14x14 cm.

2014.09.12 21:04

Three squared

Painting/paperwork: The largest and most complicated wowen painting I've done so far:

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"Untitled". 2014. Acrylics and specially treated paper on specially treated paper, interwowen with acrylics on interwowen specially treated paper. 80x80cm.

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2014.05.15 22:33

Two pigs

Linoleum: Two pigs:

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"Untitled". Linoleum, 2014. 15x10 cm. (1/2)

(updated 2014-06-01 + new photo)

This is a small block, so some of the lines you see above are very thin. For this reason only a very limited number of prints can be made before the thin linoleum lines become damaged and start to fall off.

2014.05.13 20:48

Elephants and Sea Lions

Painting: My contribution to the group show mentioned in this post.

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"Elephants and Sea Lions". 2014. Acrylics on specially treated paper. 70x50cm.

Yes, this is exactly how it's supposed to look. Click for large version...

2014.05.08 21:35

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