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Bicycle board

Wood carving (preview): Pretty large coloured wood carving:

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Untitled (wip). Woodcut relief/wood carving, coloured. 2014-15. 60x200 cm.

This is a group effort (in process), read on ...

2015.03.02 14:59

Now the globe of moon

Dry point (wip): Landscape scene, based on haiku poem: (Updated 2015-03-04: New photo)

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Untitled (wip). Dry Point. 2015. 15x10 cm. (2nd state, test print)

Read on for the poem ...

2015.02.17 18:15

Quadtych on orange

Painting (puzzle): New type of paperwork (at last for me, that is):

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Untitled. Acrylics on specially treated paper (multiple layers) on paper. 2014. 4x 70x70 cm.

Please read on for the how, and the what...

2015.02.04 23:14

Eight in one

Painting (vowen): Largest one, and the most complicated process yet:

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"Traces". Acrylics on intervowen specially treated paper (multiple layers). 2014. 100x100 cm.

Please read on...

2015.02.04 22:51

Multi-symmetrical and knot

Linoleum: Geometry / knots / patterns:

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Untitled. Linoleum. 2015. 21x21 cm.

This is a multi-symmetrical non-figurative figure over a pattern known as a Girih ("knot")...

2015.02.03 22:55

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