... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)

After hours

Woven painting/Graphics (Relief, potato print, monotype):

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"After hours". 2 x Monotype (Potato print) - wowen. 2019. 42x35cm

Literally hours. Specifically, 10 hours of weaving.

2019.03.13 18:49 in Woven paintings

Polis polis, potatismos

Graphics (Relief, potato print, monotype):

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2 x untitled. Monotype (Potato print). 2019. (2x) 35x42cm

2019.03.13 18:21 in Graphics


Graphics (Relief, Linoleum):

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"Dumpster". Linoleum. 2019. (~DIN A5 size)

2019.03.10 17:27 in Graphics

A prime investigation

Painting/mixed media (woven), conceptual: Exploring the use of prime numbers for pattern creation

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"foldable book of prime pattern components"
Permanent marker on paper. 2019. 18x18x1.5 cm

2019.03.07 13:32 in Mixed media

Nice drawing, bad portrait

Mixed / drawing: Live model (ie. moving model) ...

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Untitled study.
Solid graphite pencil on paper. 2019. DIN A3 size

I'm currenly doing some studies of people in motion, this is one. The model was working with some items on the desk before her, hence the apparently closed eyes.

2019.03.03 12:13 in Mixed media

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