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Dumpster diver

Dry Point (wip): Working on this miniature of a young dumpster-diver in winter:

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"Untitled". Dry Point. Test print IV. 2014. 9x6 cm.

2014.04.07 23:41

Sum of squares 2

Painting/paperwork: This one just finished today:

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"Untitled". Acrylics on paper on paper (interwowen). 2014. 70x50 cm.

2014.04.03 21:54

Elephant on yellow

Linoleum: An African Elephant on yellow background:

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"Untitled". Linoleum, 2014. 10x5.5 cm.

2014.04.02 02:26

Sum of squares

Painting: A classic pattern applied to paperwork:

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"Untitled". Acrylics on paper, cardboard, napkins, on paper. 2014. 70x50 cm.

Read on for the "before" images....

2014.03.13 21:48


Updated 2014-03-20: New photo.

Painting and weaving:

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"Passage". Acrylics, pastel, coal, watercolour, crayons on paper (interwowen), on paper, 2014. 70x50 cm.

2014.03.13 21:34

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