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Skillful carrying

Graphics: Linoleum cut:

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Untitled. Linoleum. 2015. 15x20 cm.

2015.08.29 18:59

Sailors & Cowboys (2)

Painting (wip): Process update, part 2

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Untitled (W.I.P). Acrylics and book pages on canvas. 2015. 100x120 cm.

2015.08.24 15:23

Love in a void

Subtitle "Let it be". Mixed media / Collage:

Updated 2015-08-29: New photo.

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"Lebensraum". Collage. 2015. 70x50 cm.

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2015.08.23 21:13

Birch in winter

Painting / Collage:

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Untitled. Acrylics on paper, on paper. 2015. 71x57 cm.

2015.07.18 20:53

My flickr is p0wned!!!!11!!

I guess that's the modern way of saying: The flickr account at is no longer mine! Somebody else may have full control over it, meaning access to all functions. I have absolutely no control over it and I have no way of getting it.

2015.07.05 22:16

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