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Triple tragedy of the Currach

Graphics / Dry Point: A common sight on specific Irish isles no later than 100 years ago:

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"Carrying a currach (Inishkea type)". Dry Point. 2015. 20x15 cm.

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2015.11.24 23:45

Dent-de-lion, et caetera

Graphics/monotype: Inspired by Galician petroglyphs, dandelions... and much more:

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"Dent de Lion, etc". Monotype. 2015. 21x30 cm.

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2015.11.23 17:41

To be discontinued

Painting (WIP): This one will probably be destroyed:

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Untitled, work in progress. Acrylics on canvas. 2015. 60x50 cm.

2015.11.11 20:24

Fir trees

Graphics/Monotype (updated 2015-11-23: Extra photo):

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Untitled. Monotype. 2015. (6x) 30x21 cm.

2015.11.11 18:54

A memory (Vincent's chair)

Painting: Now with a citation:

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"A memory (featuring Vincent's chair)".
Acrylics, and permanent marker on paper. 2015. 62x40 cm.

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2015.11.06 17:38

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