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The real red-nosed reindeer, full story

Painting, conceptual/expressionist:
Updated 2018-02-14: rewritten and extended

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Untitled (work-in-progress, state 2). Acrylics on specially treated paper. 2018 (wip). 69x50cm

This is "The red nosed reindeer", aka "The Real Rudolph", which is not the Disney version. If it looks somewhat disconcerting it's intended. This creature is not supposed to be pleasant looking. Read on for previous version and, well, the whole story. The real story.

2018.02.23 21:47

Verdaccio. In the rough.

Painting experiment: Verdaccio + max contrast

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Untitled. State 1 (left) and state 2 (right). Acrylics on paper. 2018. Around A3 size.

Before you say "my kid could do that, and better": This is not a painting, it is an experiment in medieval painting techniques! Read on for the full story ...

2018.02.23 18:42

El condor pasa

Graphics/intaglio, Dry Point:

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"Condor (Vultur gryphus)". Dry Point. 2018. 18x13cm

Andean condor.

2018.02.06 11:58

Hommage a Brecht

Painting/portrait/paraphrase/fan art

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"Bertolt Brecht". Watercolour and red crayon on manipulated paper, mounted on coloured paper. 2018. 42x58cm.

Read on for previous version/process.

2018.02.02 14:38

Experimental graphics (3/3)

Graphics/relief, experimental:

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Untitled. Cardboard print / relief (right) and ghost print (left). 2018. 2x ~10x15cm

Read on for a brief explanation.

2018.02.02 14:30

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