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All Saints Exhibition

Exhibitions: From Sunday I'll partake in a group exhibition in the Church of All Saints, Copenhagen. Read on for vernissage info etc.

2015.09.30 20:48

Nine stars

Graphics (Linoleum): Latest news from the print room:

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Star tiles #1-9. Linoleum cut. 2012-15. (9x)5x5 cm.

2015.09.24 00:43

Pattern repetition

Mixed media / Drawing: Pattern study.

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Untitled. Drawing. 2015. DIN A4.

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2015.09.16 20:34

New knot

Graphics (Linoleum): Another endless knot:

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Untitled (Endless Knot #11). Linoleum cut. 2015. 5x5 cm. (test prints)

2015.09.15 20:39

This is not a test

Painting (!)

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Untitled. Acrylics on paper, glue (Here, mounted on cardboard). 2015. 70x50 cm/variable.

2015.09.11 13:54

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