... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)

787 years ago in Mesopotamia

Graphichs / pattern: Sketch for a lino print - a reconstruction of a 787 years old pattern.

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Image 1: Untitled (pattern from Mosul (current Iraq).
Enlarged. Original dated ~1235 CE). 2019. 18x18cm

This pattern/ornament is from an archaeological find around Mosul. Read on for info and reconstruction process photos

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Mixed Media / drawing: Sketch for a lino print. This is a reconstruction of a motif from an archaological find (a buckle/brooch).

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"Thought and Memory". After find from Gotland dated ~700 CE. Stylized. 2019. 12x6cm

Huginn and Muninn. Read on for reconstruction grid....

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Knívleysur maður...

Other: blacksmithing:

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Utility knife ("clip knife"), after archaeological find
(not polished, filed, or sharpened).
Hand forged iron. 95x25x3mm. 2019.

This knife is modelled after a (locally) well-known utility knife found by Archaeologists. Read on for information about this knife...

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As set in stone

Other: stone cutting / engraving:

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Detail of stone with my contribution at center.
~ 6x4x-0.4cm. Frederikssund, DK. 2019.

This is part of a large stone engraving, intended to become a Guiness Book of Records candidate. Read on...

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Swing time

Painting: a long-running project (WIP):

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Untitled. Acrylics on board. 2015- (WIP). 40x60cm.

Click for larger size, or read on for information and previous versions...

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