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Neon lights

Painting/ Concrete (WIP): Edges, lines, light, geometry, rhytm:

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"Untitled" (WIP) Acrylics on board. 2016. 40x60cm.

2016.07.11 22:25

Concrete wip-ing

Painting/ Concrete (WIP): I've been working on this for around a year now:

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"Untitled" (WIP) Acrylics on board. 2016. Measurements will follow.

2016.07.11 22:10

In the garden

Lately there's been few updates. I've been gardening. Or, well... Read on below.

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"in the garden" Photo. 2016.

2016.06.14 19:18

Borrow my work!

Exhibitions, Painting: For the next year or so, you can even borrow my work from the local art library, Artoteket:

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Four framed paintings ready for shipping.

Read on for information...

2016.04.30 17:26

Paperwork intro (pt. 1)

Painting: An introduction to my "paperwork" work process:

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Various works in progress. Acylics on paper. 2016. Sizes ~ 70x50cm.

2016.04.22 22:49

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