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Two twenties.

Contemporary similarity: Two photos from 1920. There was a flu pandemic that year.

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Nick Yapp: "The Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1920s" (sv+da+fi),
Könemann 2000. Page 268+269

Apart from superficial similarities the pandemic 100 years ago was a very different beast than the current one -- for a whole number of reasons, not least the fact that it erupted after many years of war.

2020.07.15 12:44 in Contemporary

Sign of the hare

Graphics (WIP): A hand gesture in the image of a hare's head.
Updated 2020-06-16: Now photos of all stages of production, plus finished print.

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"Hare Head Hand sign"
Linoleum. 2020. ~DIN A5.

"The March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps as this is May it won't be raving mad – at least not so mad as it was in March."

2020.06.04 19:06 in Graphics

Bad Bat Coroner

Drawing / contemporary: A sarcastic poster inspired by old movie posters and modern conspiracy theory

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Bad Bat Coroner Virus. Pencil on printer paper. 2020. DIN A3.

As this is "contemporary" the finish and/or quality isn't important, so this idea was executed as a quick pencil sketch on low quality paper

2020.06.04 18:59 in Contemporary

Sower over and over

Graphics / relief / collagraphy: Using the sower figure from "The Sower":

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12x sower
Collagraphy. 2020. ~ 15x15cm

Read on for alternate versions....

2020.03.10 16:27 in Graphics

800 years old pattern from Mesopotamia

Graphics / relief / linoleum / pattern: A reconstruction of a 788 years old pattern.

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Click for bigger size.
Pattern from an archaeological find in Mesopotamia (currently Mosul, Iraq). Original dated ~1232 CE
Linoleum, puzzle technique. 2019-2020. 18x18cm
(two differently coloured prints)

Read on for info and process photos

2020.03.07 20:34 in Patterns

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